An adjective usually used to describe food meaning "good". Commonly used in replacement of "delicious"
Do you want some animal fries from In n out?
Bruh, that sounds shmack.

Have you tried the animal fries? They're shmack.
by Dalsegnox July 23, 2017
When your friend or you wants to hit something aka vape or cart
Aye fool let me shmack the nic
by Rolexeous May 2, 2022
go shmack wit that chick

i wanna shmack wit that chick
by CJLienert October 9, 2008
The act of ripping off someone's money.
My brother sold his laptop overpriced. What a shmack!
Manage to buy a brand new shoes yesterday. I shmacked my friend from buying my old laptop.
by Geetz January 11, 2011
To hit someone and make a loud smacking sound
Uh oh I shmacked David golaith martesque
by The burger gang🍔 February 12, 2016
A person at Pali that has the shmacks like a suroin or a juul to keep it low key ya feel me?
1ST guy at pali:You got the shmacks
2nd guy:yeah bro want a shmack.
by Pali shmacker low key May 31, 2018