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A person at Pali that has the shmacks like a suroin or a juul to keep it low key ya feel me?
1ST guy at pali:You got the shmacks
2nd guy:yeah bro want a shmack.
by Pali shmacker low key June 11, 2018
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An adjective usually used to describe food meaning "good". Commonly used in replacement of "delicious"
Do you want some animal fries from In n out?
Bruh, that sounds shmack.

Have you tried the animal fries? They're shmack.
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by Dalsegnox July 22, 2017
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When you refer to shmack you most certainly are referring to the gas aka "that petroleum pack"
M: Hold on this might not be no huff.
J: You already know bro that's that shmack.
by Ankle Yeezus January 29, 2018
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a term uttered after some one has been insulted, usually by an audience member.
Person One:"You're mama's so dirty, she wipes her feet off to go outside"
Audience: "OOOOO, Shmack!"
by seesee July 19, 2003
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A word used by a townie to threaten other people.
'eary'are, d'y'wa't a shmack, yo?
by lollers July 10, 2003
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