Bullshitting, lying to, kidding, decieving, misleading, and whatever else is a synonym to lying.
WTF? That lab report is due tomorrow? You gotta be shittin me!

Don't be shittin me, or ill shove my fist into your lying mouth.

by da bird January 04, 2006
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To make fun of someone, or to constantly out do them.
Im tired of goin over there them hoses always shittin' on me.
Got diarhea flow, man I shit on wiggas. Even when im constipated, I still shit on wiggas.
Young Jeezy, Trap or Die
by "Dat Harrell Boi" January 28, 2006
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'shittin' means cool, excellent and amazing. you can use it for a range of things.
damn that party was shittin!
by anoninit January 02, 2011
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Get mad ,scared , telling someone to fuck off
When I kissed her ,and her dad saw me I started shittin bruh 😨
by Mrlegalmigo July 01, 2015
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Pants that one would wear when about to shit themselves.
"I Hope you got your Shittin' pants on, because you are about to shit your pants." - Negan, 2017.
by De Lumpdumper October 31, 2017
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Street terminology for having a lot of cash money.
With El Chapo permanently out of the picture, I’ll be shittin’ green in a few weeks!
by Dr Bunnygirl July 31, 2019
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