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A Unit of time measurement similar to normal time, however very flexible - something that Valve says might take a week could take a day, or something that they say might take a month, will take a year. Generally fluid.
Team fortress 2 players got the bad end of Valve Time when the pyro update was first announced, and got the good end of it when they fixed the infinite health glitch in record time after it was found.
by De Lumpdumper February 12, 2018

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Pants that one would wear when about to shit themselves.
"I Hope you got your Shittin' pants on, because you are about to shit your pants." - Negan, 2017.
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by De Lumpdumper October 31, 2017

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The ultimate in fudgepackers, turdwigglers, and even ass bandits, usually the giver.
Garrison, when he was with Mister Slave, from southpark, is a great example of this.
That guy is SUCH a turddigger! he's so gay!
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by De Lumpdumper December 21, 2017

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Someone so completely mesmerized by Donald Trump to the point of being completely mindless.
Dave walks in, talking about how donald trump is the best thing to ever happen to america. Dave is a Cheeto Zombie.
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by De Lumpdumper December 27, 2017

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The 45th President of the USA, Donald Trump
"Despite the negative press covfefe"
Random User: Well, shit. President toddler's at it again!
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by De Lumpdumper October 29, 2017

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Things you say to other people for the sole purpose of inflating your own ego
Someone: I'm a Grade-A champion chef.
Other people around: Don't mind him, he's just using some Ego Helium
by De Lumpdumper April 05, 2018

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