An Atlanta rapper extremely popular especially within the Atlanta area. Jeezy, Unlike many artists who claim much in their songs, yet speak lies, is a well-known, succesful, and accomplished drug dealing player. A self-proclaimed "Snowman" who just wanted to try his hand at the rap game. CEO of CTE, and a member of USDA, a better example of Jeezy's mark on the game can be seen in the nationwide trade-in of white tees for angry Snowman tees. Known for ad-libs you can remember and cd's put on repeat throughout clubs all over Georgia and the world, everybody knows themselves some Jeezy lyrics for real.

Despite what some interpret as biting other rap artists style's such as "Your favorite rapper's favorite rapper" from Devin the Dude to "Guess who's bizzack" from Jay-Z, Jeezy's respect in the street is one best witnessed in the street. If one cannot understand Jeezy's style, one will most likely never understand the A-town style or, even more likely, any of the South's style.

When newly emerging Southern artists come and go, Jeezy, hate em or not, will always be there.
"Ril rekuhnize ril."

"We don't just say no --we too busy sayin, "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah.""

-- Young Jeezy

by Alpine Jesus May 15, 2006
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A very good rapper that is real but not necessarily a lyricist. HE talks about how real the hood is even if some of his rhymes are nursery rhymes.
First Im gunna stack my flow.

Then imma stack some moe.
by _lovely August 13, 2005
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No other rapper has said "YEAH" and "AYY" more than him.
Radio plays.

Young Jeezy: Yeah!

Person: Shut the hell up.
by Raspberry Necessary 35 March 1, 2022
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No other rapper in history has aboused the word "aye" more than him. he is self obsessed and brags about his material objects. like most other rap artists, he makes substance abuse look like fun(although to some extent it is, of course). there are worse rappers/trapstars.
Young Jeezy: aye aye aye aye aye!
cliche nigga: gangstaaa
by The Hodge March 18, 2007
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The worst rapper alive that's only loved by dumb Crackers and stupid Niggers.
Cracker:"I'm so cool, but I'm so hot, and I'm so fly, and you, you're so not. WOW! That's an AWESOME LINE!"

Nigger:"They move to slow and I think so quick. That's why I Flash like Gordon. Damn he doesn't even rhyme but who cares, Young Jeezy is still the truth!"
by Majin_No_Magus January 14, 2007
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One of the most generic southern rappers ever. Like most trap rappers, his songs glorify drugs and murder, his rhymes sound like they've been written by a 5 year old, and sometimes he doesn't even make sense. For example, in one of his songs "And then what?" he says "First I'm gonna stack my flow/ Then I'm gonna stack some more." If he's talking about stacking money, then at least use the proper words!
Homie just keep it real, I know what you was thinking
Between all the hater raising and all that liquor you drinking
You was probably thinking that I go out like a sucker
That’s what you get for thinking you ignorant motherfucker
It’s Jeezy G from the gutter, these rappers fraudently busters
Post up, served the cluckers and used to dare em to cuff us
Got the work from the Mexicans used to dare em to trust us
‘Cause we taking that shit like it got caught up in customs
Bad bitches they lusting’ real niggas discussin
See them taking them shots, they bounce off of them it’s nothing
Don’t let this rap shit fool you , run up on him, he busting’
Don’t let these rap niggas fool you , that’s the end of discussion
See I would die by this shit, and whatever that’s worth
You niggas step in my yard I go to war bout my turf
See , Young one of the realest niggas that's walking this earth
Nigga you heard what I said and that’s the end of my verse
-Young Jeezy

He wouldn't sound any less like Dr. Seuss even if he tried. And of course, his fans think he's "real" because he's a "street nigga"
by RLHipHop September 13, 2013
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