A very tall and handsome boy. Very funny and has a good heart. Is known for having a large penis...supposedly. Is very intelligent and has a huge head. He's the best person you'll ever meet and is a joy to be around. Very popular and is well-liked. Can be absent minded but can give great advice. Always keeps it real.
wow that guy is so cool he must be a lawrence.
by the realest golden kid November 8, 2017
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he is a sweet and kind person he has alot of hair that is the cutest he has the cutest nose in the world he is loyal and understands peoples feelings
lawrence:i love u

Sarah:u so sweet
by sweetheart1234 September 27, 2018
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to be an absolute hype beast but with the most random brands of expensive clothing
man! you look like Lawrence right now but I have to ask what brand is that.
by dirtydan69420 October 23, 2019
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a little "city" where everybody knows everybody someway somehow. and everyone talks shit about everybody. full of dominicans and puertoricans. and mad boring.
by lawtown1 August 19, 2008
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A nice caring guy , normally has a hug dick , great in bed and tends to be very athletic
Girl I fucked Lawrence yesterday and I can't walk
by Shfdtda March 14, 2017
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most awesome person youll ever meet hes honest, loyal, cute,sweet,hilarious and overall amazing. They are also shy at first but they are great afterwards. As well as being Adorable, and sexy,though they don't know it themselves.
They also tend to be popular with girls which they are aware of
That guy is so cute! He must be a Lawrence
He is such a pimp!
by Laaaaaawwwww March 23, 2011
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