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Disease is commonly found in males & females between the ages of 15 through 25. Similar to the common 'asshole' sufferers of Shitcuntitis diminish the life expectancy of all around them by their unpleasant personality. Unfortunately there is no known cure to this disease.
The disease has been recently popularized in the beginning of 2011 by sufferer Ben, and previously by the entire cast of Jersey Shore, although appearing to hold a deep running hatred for sufferers of Shitcuntitis Ben is yet to discover that he actually has the worst known case of this debilitating disease to date, and will continue to become more of a shitcunt as the years go on. We can only pray he overcomes this disease. Our prayers are with you Ben, we can only hope you can pull your head out your ass before the disease well and truly takes over.
by .abigoldfuckyou. March 27, 2011
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