1. Paki / Pakis
2. People from The Islamic Republic of Pakistan
3. Sometimes used as a degatory or an abusive word
4. Jinnah
5. President Pervez Musharaf
6. Islamabad
7. East Pakistan / Bangladesh
8. Lahore
9. Karachi
10. Friends of Taliban
11. Abdul Quadeer Khan
12. PTV
Women: Are you a Pakistani?
Man: NO Bitch, I am an Indian.
by DJ Gaurav April 17, 2006
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A slang term meaning ginger, one with red hair and freckles.
by slapthatthang December 11, 2010
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a person from pakistan, because of 9/11 have been falsely accused of wrong-doing even though ALL countries have extremists
Pakistani people really arent as they are shown.
by Proud Paki March 8, 2008
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1. Relating to Pakistan or its people

2. a native or inhabitant of country of Pakistan, or a person of Pakistani descent
"Though they are too spicy and unhealthy, Pakistani food have good taste"

"Pakistani people are cool
by henleytheimpartial May 23, 2017
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Someone who belongs to Pakistan physically and (or) in spirit. A patriot of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
I am proud to be a Pakistani.
by muhabbul-watan May 20, 2009
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A kind of knave and cadger person
She was mugged by a Pakistani
by Highlander123 August 18, 2019
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A person who is inhabitant of Pakistan which situated between Afghanistan and India but unlike cringe Indians Pakistani people are based and wholesome
Julie : he is brown looking man,is he an Arab or Indian ?
Smith : no he told me he is Pakistani

Julie :wow grape!
by Rai m. Ali November 27, 2021
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