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1. Relating to Pakistan or its people

2. a native or inhabitant of country of Pakistan, or a person of Pakistani descent
"Though they are too spicy and unhealthy, Pakistani food have good taste"

"Pakistani people are cool
by henleytheimpartial May 26, 2017
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Pakistanis are an amazing people whom everyone on youtube and urbandictionary seem to have problems with for the following reasons:
a) they are very good looking, specially in comparison with most of their neighbours.
b) they are not even slightly extremist in any way, and are in fact a very moderate people. this disappoints people who were all set on hating them for being terrorists, and puts them in a very bad mood.
c) their spoken english is way better than most of these youtube-anti-pakistan-war-wagers.
d) so is their accent.
e) they're very very laid back about everything and are not 'weopons-at-the-ready' like some people.
f) and yet they are very very patriotic...but it's healthy patriortism that does not involve hating other nationalaties or races:)
Pakistanis all over the world will unite to prove their love for the land.
by tomorrowmaybe April 17, 2009
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a person from pakistan, because of 9/11 have been falsely accused of wrong-doing even though ALL countries have extremists
Pakistani people really arent as they are shown.
by Proud Paki March 07, 2008
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A harmless bunch of people, who get labelled by racist whites in the UK ... these sames racist whites HATE immigrants, due to their island mentality, and their insecurity!
Pakistanis are humans, just like you and me! Change your views, godless english person!
by HelloThere! January 13, 2004
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Someone who belongs to Pakistan physically and (or) in spirit. A patriot of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
I am proud to be a Pakistani.
by muhabbul-watan May 19, 2009
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A country made up of at least some extremists, but what country isn't? Nice people, from the few I've met.
1. The radical Pakistanis murdered Danny Pearl deserve to die.
2. Is Kemal coming to the party tonight?
by Michael Moore June 16, 2003
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