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to have your employment terminated, to be fired
Jack got shitcanned Friday in that last series of layoffs.
by mr.corruption June 02, 2005
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A phrase used to explain being fired or someone being fired
1. Dude, that guy just totally got shit-canned!

2. I hope I don't get shit-canned after the toliet-paper incident
by Girl-hockey-fan April 28, 2009
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a state of being completely wasted
I went out last night and got completely shit canned.
by cameltoe55 September 13, 2003
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To get absorbinantly drunk, high, or a combination of both to the point where you are well-beyond "Shit-Faced"
"I've got a 2-4,and a Quarter-O, you wanna get Shit-Canned?"
by D-i-Z August 29, 2005
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trashed, thrown out, exposed as junk.
(X gave Y a) shitcanning.
(X got) shitcanned.
by zaak February 16, 2004
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