Derived from 'paralysed' or 'paralysis' is commonly used in slang to describe a state achieved after drinking too much.
Note: This word is often wrongly written and pronounced as paraletic
What did you do at the weekend?
I went out with the lads and got absolutely paralytic playing drinking games.
Never again!
by ant July 05, 2004
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When, following the consumption of unhealthy amounts of alcohol, ones usually easy going and tolerant views are discarded for a somewhat more robust manifesto.

Stemming from 'paralytic' (Brit. slang) meaning extremely drunk.
Hello Bob. Did you have a good time last night?

No Ted, I feel like shit and I can't remember how I got home. I hope I didn't become paralytically incorrect.
by Antony December 20, 2003
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A condition where poop can not exit the intestines and has to come out the other way. (pooping out of the mouth)
Cris- hey, my intestines hurt, maybe i have para... *SHIT MOUTH CANNON*

Zach-holy shit (literally!) you pooped outa yo mouth sun!

Cris- yeah i must ha... WABABATHROWUPPOOPWABABA... have paralytic ileus
by Mista God December 30, 2011
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