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1. to break up with someone in a non-sensitive way, sp. to throw them out of the apartment
2. to bad mouth someone behind their back
1. Susie's always bustin' my balls. I got to trash out that bitch. OR I got to trash that bitch out.

2. Dude, I just came from Starbucks and Susie was trashin' you out to all her homies. That bitch was nasty!
by Wittgenstein52 June 21, 2010
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the removal and hauling away of debris inside of a bank owned home which also consists of cleaning, installing smoke detectors, lightbulbs, water heater straps, lightbulbs, as well as cutting the lawn and various other things
Becky did a bang up job doing the trashout at that property today.
by TeXanMike April 19, 2011
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