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A process of raping your intelligence; never accompanied by a pre-lubricant; doesn't leave you with an endorphine high and craving a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich or a cigarette. Rarely are dinner and drinks bought for you before or after the act; most often tried on an unsuspecting victim,penetration has less friction; the perpetrator will rarely call you the next day; A passive-agressive way to get their money shot, no happy ending for you.
I just read The New York Times and watched 2 hours of Fox news, now I don't know which hand to wipe with...what a mindfuck.
by terryzz February 16, 2009

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A schticker Schounding way to pronounce smegma,smegma already a word found in Webster's dictionary(some editions).Smegma as Webster's defines it;(from memory); a foul smelling cheeselike sebaceous secretion,accumulating around the clitoris of female genitalia, or under the foreskin of male genitalia. Damn funny no matter how you schpell it.
I had schmegma schtuck in my teeth, I schould schtop drinkin schomeday.
by terryzz February 15, 2009

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ABBREVIATION:(why are there 2 b's in abbreviation,,Irony); for attention whore. Use when in ignorant company, or within earshot of the abbreviated one. The use of A.W. will halt the potential metamorphisis into a TENSION WHORE.
I used to drink rootbeer, but my old lady is such an A.W. , that now I drink Jack Daniels. OH.. HI HONEY... could you mix me another drink... pretty please, YOU are THE best! !.
by terryzz February 18, 2009

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In modern vernacular the most direct way of saying you have the desire to copulate. If spoken aloud, there will be no doubt about your mindset, with any person that speaks english or several other languages. The thing that every guy want's to hear from his prom date. Other SYNONYMS would include; I want to sex you up, I want to get naked,I want to do the horizontal bop, I want to make it with you, I want to make sweet love to ya woman(chef), Or the following statement which involves the same act of human copulation, however may cause erectile disfunction(ED),and therefore virtually impossible to "fill the order"; I want to have your baby.
two old guys standing at the bus stop, an extremely hot young woman, wearing a very form fitting short knit skirt and low cut knit top,saunters by the "gentlemen":
OLD GUY #1: Oy vay! I want to fuck her.
OLD GUY #2: Out of what ?
by TERRYZZ February 17, 2009

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Standing up in a hammock
Playboy stud # 1 : "I want to fuck her in the worst way".
Playboy stud # 2 : "Wouldn't the missionary position be good enough?.
by terryzz February 17, 2009

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noun;, a euphamism describing Barack Hussein Obama's method of strengthening the global economic positioning of the Obamanation / "United" States of America. Once promising "change we can believe in", the "steadfast" course that Obama (45th president of the United States) has taken. Critics from both parties will "ride the fence" until a positive result is achieved from this course of action taken by Obama.
woodtick # 1: yeah, I just heard Obama signed a bill that is gonna get us in debt for the next 2 or 3 generations"
woodtick #2 "yep, it's only something like 800 billion dollars, that's better than a trillion."
woodtick # 1: "well... let me see...800 billion dollars, that's uh... 80 trillion pennies. That's alot of change."
woodtick # 2: "yea man, that's change we can believe in."
woodtick # 1: "sounds like Obamanomics to me."
by terryzz February 24, 2009

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SOCIAL STANDING; a way of life,defined by mannerisms and socioeconomic goals, anyone who lives north of Saginaw MI. for more than 2 years.A person that has attempted to mount a snowplow to their old lady's GrandAm. one who;goes to WalMart in sweat pants and flannel shirt to play nintendo(it's free); has jb-welded their dental work in place;waits for their monthly check in lieu of getting a job.
Terryzz used to be a business man when he lived "downstate", now he's happy to be a WOODTICK. He's gonna get a job tomorrow.
by terryzz February 15, 2009

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