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the small pieces of shit that are left floating in the toilet after flushing
After eating those tacos I saw more shitbits than ever before.
by Johnny Tats May 27, 2008
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Shitbits (n)

Two or more bits of shit. 'nuff said.
Guy: Dude, that salsa's really gonna cause an explosion of shitbits tonight.
by danandmash. January 09, 2011
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johnny muffro had huge poo like moles on his face! he he
by Anonymous September 29, 2003
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Deriving from formerly known 'krys bits', small pieces or "bits" of feces in the anal area of a female. When present with asshole hair or 'scragglers', dingle-berries are of high possibility.
Guy 1: "Dude you were dating that chick for forever!"
Guy 2: "No man, shes hot in all, but i had to let her loose once i caught sight of her nasty shit bits."
by 69unfaithful August 31, 2009
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two random freckle-molez on jons face that looknlike bad splashback.
see jon
jokes jokes
by Mathhew Ogilavu September 24, 2003
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