A slur used in the various meyers briggs typology communities online, used in the same sense as the word nergo for the types SPs and SJs. Often used to imply lack of intelligence and doing stupid things as opposed to deep and complex mental gymnastics which intuitives are capable of like predicting the future, which makes the usage of the word particularly ironic.
Look at the stupid sensors over there. Why can't they be deep like intuitives ?

Darwin can't be a sensor bruh just because he left the room! He is an INTP ... sensors are dumb. lol
by brad141 January 15, 2020
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1. (adj) An incorrect version of "censor."
Somebody has to sensor my horrible spelling.
by Levy Penkstein May 23, 2007
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the second letter in eight of sixteen MBTI types. Stereotyped as being idiots, conformists and overall inferior to iNtuitives. Have their dealings more in the concrete than the abstract, and are often grounded in reality. The oppressed to the oppressors: mistyped 'INFJ's, trolls and r/shittymbti.
r/shittymbti: Sensors are inferior! iNtuitive masterrace!
ISTP: Oh, please. We're more practical.
ENFP, currently spending her time on the Urban Dictionary typing out MBTI definitions and listening to an audio interpretation of worsening Alzheimer's instead of doing homework: Can confirm.
by typologer June 23, 2020
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Anything you power and it gives crap back.
I built a toilet sensor. Every time someone flushes it sends out a tweet.
by Limber Pelvis November 3, 2014
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A gamer superstition. The Desire Sensor detects what rare item, or event you are farming for, and prevents the game from giving it to you. Only when you forget about it, or no longer need it will the item drop, or event happen.
"Holy shit the Godsword Dropped! I remember running this dungeon for months, and I never got this damn thing. Of course now its worthless. Friggin Desire Sensor, why do you tease me so."
-MMO player's lament
by Fatalfencer January 13, 2012
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The act in which you randomly go AFK in any sort of conversation - usually when the conversational partner is expecting a reply.

The term "To pull a Sensored" originates from a doctor nicknamed "Sensored" or "Sensored3", who resides in IRC and was widely known to randomly leave in conversations when people were expecting replies. He usually came back after 2-8 hours, pretending that nothing happened and acting all innocent.
<lawl> WHAT THE FUCK boriz

<Sensored> tbh, i think that
<ZeroFreeze> ye?
<ZeroFreeze> Sensored
<ZeroFreeze> HLO

Bob says (12:30):
haha, that sounds great :P
D says (12:30):
ya, it does. btw are you coming tomorrow?
* Bob has signed out of MSN
D says (12:30):

= To pull a Sensored
by dicklord July 8, 2009
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A device that detects how much of an asshole someone is but if your name is evan it just will say mega gay
Evan.use the asshole sensor on me
Straight man. Ok
Evan. What's it say
Man. Your gay
by Ass gass out blast October 20, 2021
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