is a big person who is easy to be friends with and always has a fun time where ever he goes.People <3 Big Easy. Big Easy is an easy going guy that people always want to be around because hes BIG EASY
Person1: Big Easy made my night!
Person2: How?
Person1: he was fun to be with, was comforting and so lovable
by beasttt93 November 15, 2010
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A nickname for pro golfer Ernie Els.
The Big Easy won the golf tournament this weekend.
by Sajak June 24, 2013
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George worked hard all week. He goes to sleep Saturday night knowing he can sleep in on Sunday. Sunday is known as big easy. One can prepare for Big easy. This would be called, preparing for the Big Ease
Everyone should take Sunday easy. Issa big easy.
by Kye_Low April 1, 2018
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a rather large women that isnt so easy on the eyes, but rather easy to get into bed with.
i hooked up with a big easy last night. i was wasted.
by mike "big time" shuler February 12, 2007
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A person who is very easy when it comes to getting them to give oral sex. Usually a VERY GOOD LOOK GIRL!
Hey look its the big easy! I heard this kid got her done a week after he met her!
by what ever! September 7, 2008
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