A phenomenon which defies all known physical laws when, regardless of size, density, height, force and slope, a dump fires bogwater skywards and strikes the victim directly in the butthole or genitals.

Generally occurs only after you've already pissed in it.
Oh man, splashback! What the hell? That crap was tiny...
by Evil French Dave July 21, 2006
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A sort of toilet tsunami. Dropping a turd from a height which hits the water, causing a tidalw wave up the pan which in turn sploshes the water over your arsecrack..

Its bad when it happens in your own toilet - Its worse when it happens in a public one.
Above explains it all.
by wayne March 24, 2005
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1. When you drop a doogan in the toilet and it hits at such a force that water splashes up onto your cheeks and/or anus.

2. When you stand too close to a urinal whilst urinating and urine splashes back onto your shoes and/or legs.
"Shit, my arse crack is wet 'cause I got splashback from that toilet."

"Hey Joe, what's that all over your shoes?"
"Fuck don't you just hate splashback?"
by Joeyjoejoe Jr. Shabadoo August 6, 2008
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When the crap drops from a distance great enough so that , when it comes in contact with the surface of the water in the toilet bowl the water, and whatever is in it, splashes and hits your ass, hence splashback
It sucks to have a splashback after you pee
by eye kill fish October 14, 2003
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1. when the water from a toilet or a urinal splashes up or out and wets your arse or shoes.

2. (metaphorical) unforeseen, unintentional, negative consequences of a person's actions.
1. John noticed a light mist on his shoes and cursed his splashback.

2. Neil realised he had incurred splashback when he recognised his girlfriend's mother as the older woman he had picked up while drunk the previous weekend.
by Gunnar Longshanks January 3, 2007
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The spritzes of urine that deflect off of toilets, urinals and urinal cakes and onto the person urinating, as well has his clothes and shoes.
When I use the urinal I always aim for the side to reduce splashback.
by crace selvage September 14, 2007
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When you take a crap and the water splashes your anus.
I was on the toilet today and then I had a splashback
by Ianandrew November 14, 2006
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