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when someone pops a bean (takes an ecstacy pill) one of the side effects is clenching of the jaw..hence biting down
man i popped a bean and now i just bite down
by antwaaan January 12, 2008
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1) When you are about to hit it hard. You've taken a few hits and a few sips of drank, but then you realize that one chick is not coming to the party so you BITE DOWN. Poppin bottles, rollin, smokin bud, no limit baby. You're gonna get F************d!

2) A reference to fights or TSGH. When you know you're about to commit and do it for real. When you want to fight and are ready.
1) Guy A: "Dude I'm so pissed I got fired for coming to work highhh. WELL YOU KNOW BOI NOTHING TO DO BUT --BITE DOWN--. PASS THE PIPE, GIMME PILL, MIX A DRANK."

2) "Nobody thought Chris would hit that D-bag, but then Joey screamed BITE DOWN. Then came the PUNCH!
by CMR09090909 January 17, 2009
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Meaning to literally "bite down" or shut your mouth for saying something stupid.
Man 1: Who is you're favroite rapper?

Man 2: Man, I don't care what anybody says, Soulja Boy is the best artist of our time, and I think that....

Man 1: Bite Down!
by Meta4our December 29, 2009
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a slang term created by YouTuber 'yourshiro'
in short it is something said when:
-you need to talk about something urgent
-you want to chill with someone
(can be shortened to just "BD" or "bd")
example 1:
yourshiro: bitedown, something big just happened
mytivian: yo, what happened??
yourshiro: i just hit 3 million subs on my channel
mytivian: oh snap, lets make a collab video or something to celebrate!

example 2:
person 1: hey im free this weekend, wanna bd?
person 2: hell yeah, lets go to that one party down on 3rd, i heard even 'FreshCanada' will be giving a sneak peak of his new album there.
by yourshiro January 01, 2017
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