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The point at which you have consumed so much alcohol, that you are incoherent, have difficulty remembering simple things i.e where you live, how old you are, how ugly you are, how ugly that girl your about to sleep with is. Being 'shit-faced' is usually an experience you only want to try once, and never again.
"Jesus christ!! did I sleep with that thing last night?? I musta been totaly shit-faced"
by DC_daNMan January 29, 2004
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To be really, really drunk
"Uh-oh. Sarah's a little shitfaced and Andy's a smooth talker. Better go find them."
by westside December 30, 2004
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sooo drunk, high, outta it that u have NO idea whats happenin
he was too shit faced to remember the whole fight
by katie bahr February 03, 2003
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Leef says, "Did you just see Cataldi pound that rose." Ster answers, "Oh yes I did, shes shitfaced."
by Jalpster January 18, 2018
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having reached the stage of consuming an undefinable amount of alcohol that the world according to yourself seems either:
a) pretty damn sexy
b) very loud
c) uncontrolably unstable
d) all of the above
Most likely, once you have reached this stage, the enjoyment lasts only until you become in contact with someone that you saw/attempted to speak to that night.
John was so damn shit-faced that night he forgot the bad ass things he got into
by Drunken Joe October 03, 2006
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