The act of smoking weed and drinking until you vomit in your pants and pass out on the steps.
Justin smokes until he is shit-faced everynight.
by Justin March 17, 2003
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Shit-Faced is commonly seen in movies, when a guy it going to try to get wit a woman or vice versa. The word is said when the event occures, usually in pastence. And it has to happen later on in the act, it can't be at the start. Now if rebecca would have said fuck you! the first line that isnt getting shit-faced.
Hoolio: hey, how are you?
Rebecca: good you ?
Meaningless conversation and......
Hollio: so do you want to go back to my place ?
Rebecca: fuck you, perverted ass hole!
Witness: aw haha dude u just got shit-faced! haha
by stricky September 1, 2007
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the art of scat (defecating on ones face)
paul got shit-faced when he stayed at dawgs
by rahxx May 4, 2005
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sooo drunk, high, outta it that u have NO idea whats happenin
he was too shit faced to remember the whole fight
by katie bahr February 4, 2003
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yesterday i went to a party and go so shit faced i striped
by Zo0_Kepper April 5, 2004
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One whom has consumed enough alchohol to bypass boligerent status
I can't believe how fucking shitfaced I am!
by Brian Bivens January 11, 2003
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