1. Last night I was so shitfaced, I fell down the stairs and busted my lip.

2. Anthony was so shitfaced he tried to go through the doggie door and hit his eye.

3. I was shitfaced and threw up on my friend, it was sick.
by K.M.A November 01, 2004
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having reached the stage of consuming an undefinable amount of alcohol that the world according to yourself seems either:
a) pretty damn sexy
b) very loud
c) uncontrolably unstable
d) all of the above
Most likely, once you have reached this stage, the enjoyment lasts only until you become in contact with someone that you saw/attempted to speak to that night.
John was so damn shit-faced that night he forgot the bad ass things he got into
by Drunken Joe October 03, 2006
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1. Totally drunk; spifflicated
2. Nasty, as in angry
1. Maude was shitfaced most of the time.
2. Well, ya don't have to get shitfaced about it.
by Steviedee January 16, 2004
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To be completely drunk
Tom is so shit faced
by Anonymous December 07, 2002
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so drunk that your head spins in a million directions and often causes the urge to take off clothing and screw till there is no tommorow
I got so shit faced I slept with a knome
by lalalakissmyass August 16, 2005
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