17 definitions by D Money

Young Gangsta- OG that is young
yo dat niggas a YG not even an OG
by D Money March 11, 2004
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To have your dick blown, till you nut down a girls throat.
Dogg!!!!!! Your mom serviced my dick last night in your room!
by D Money June 30, 2004
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holla'in at a fine lil thang. Tryin to get her phone number
Antwan cant spit game, he aint even get those digits
by D Money August 2, 2003
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That bitch is a derb-aholic. Tell her to come to the party.
by D Money June 30, 2004
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A person who places his/her fingers where babies make bathroom fun.
1)You damn baby toucher, if I ever catch you touching my son in his cornhole again I will eat your face.
2)Charles Dickens
by D Money October 23, 2003
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I'm in the Benz on Monday, the BM on Tuesday
Range on Wednesday, Thursday I'm in the hooptay
by D Money November 23, 2003
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