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(haw-med) A african american male usually tall quiet everyone knows him and he gets girls basically the people’s champ
or a dooka
yo do you know that guy Hammed?
by DemoteWubong December 17, 2019
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To get really Shloshed. aka Drunk
Aleks and I got wicked hammed last nite.
by TMAC September 30, 2003
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When you are very drunk; from the word hammered
Jake: yo man yesterday i had so much ham juice.
Franz:dude me too!
Jake: we were so hammed
by Coco slater October 27, 2007
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the state of intoxication from alcohol where you can't see, speak, stand or walk; the objective of every night out
obvo hammed after drinking 7 free t-shirts worth of drink ie. 28shots
by Rave slave February 08, 2009
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Adj. (Ham-da) When you have drank to much alcohol in a night; Derived from the adjective hammered.
Casey Hamlett loves to get Hammed
by Ben Ambrey July 07, 2007
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