To have one's shit together is to be cognizant, organized, and to have a clear plan. It is the opposite of being spaced out although neither necessarily implies drug use.
Why are you always showing up to class late? Get your shit together!
by Kevin T Henerd June 22, 2008
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Get your life in order, stop fucking around and get your head on straight.

Could also be to straighten or pack items that are askew.
Bob: "yo I failed the last 2 exams"
Phil: "you really gotta get your shit together"
by sixelanicolle February 3, 2015
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1) to organize something such as a stack of papers or such
present tense of

2) to get your thoughts straight; to put your mind at rest

3) to get everything ready for an event of any magnitude, be it the king of the world's birthday or your mother finishing dinner

past tense: got your shit together

future tense: get my shit together
1) When I couldn't find my homework in my messy backpack my mom told me to get my shit together.

2) That meeting really messed with my head; I gotta get my shit together.

3) Dude, the bus leaves for the track meet in ten minutes! Hurry up and get your shit together!
by Fox of the field January 15, 2007
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To facillitate the appearance of success and/or achievement.
"Mike and Jenny down the street have a new car, house and good career, they really have got their shit together."
by d-harrell October 20, 2003
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To have your business (what you do to get what you want) promptly taken care of.
No LAN party this weekend, because I gotta catch up with my schoolwork; I'll call you when I get my shit together.
by Max April 4, 2003
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Organize yourself in a meaningful way so as to actually accomplish things with your life.
Luke: My boss wants to fire me, my wife wants to leave me, and my house is in complete disrepair! What do I do?!
Earl: Dude, you need to get your shit together.
by MalumLibrum958 May 11, 2022
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To stop being a buffoon and act in a socially consistent and acceptable way, by not farting or burping in public.
Even if you are at a bar or pub, and still had more than enough to drink, please hold your shit together; if you want to burp or fart or puke, do everyone a favor and excusecyourself to the restroom.
by Sexydimma August 30, 2014
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