Ariella: did he feel you up?
Leah: well no not really, but my shirt was totes askew ;)
by cssswaglol December 29, 2011
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awry, bewelled, skew, wry
This old watch' hands look askew.
by chicken13 March 25, 2007
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Type this into the google search bar a the page will tilt
I typed "askew" into the google search bar, then the page was askew!
by MyCatHasAJob May 14, 2020
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A condition of which a person does not know of something that is incredibly well-known.
"Hey, do you want to watch Wheel of Fortune or something?"

"What is 'Wheel of Fortune'?"
"How do you not know what that is? Do you have Askewism?"
by Pingal McStain April 17, 2021
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To be humiliated in a culinary sense on television. Typically refers to great British menu. Refers to the slaying of Paul Askew
Did you see Paul get askewed on TV? Wow he got askewed so badly
by Foody85 March 9, 2023
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The quality of being askew; crooked, awry, or out of line.
"Phillip, the askewity of this Italian tower boggles my mind!"
by Rudolph McFellan November 26, 2009
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A fat or overly annoying female Teacher, a bitch
My teacher is an askew, she gives way to much homework.
by Mr.Braun March 27, 2011
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