Cognizant of the fact that it was getting late, the master of ceremonies cut short the last speech.
by Larstait November 11, 2003
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In the words of Matt Neely: Aware, mindful, or otherwise conscience.
You must be cognizant of the process changes.
by djteezy February 20, 2018
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The awareness that one is just a replaceable cog in the workforce of a large corporation.
Significant other, "Honey, how did it go at work today?"
Tired worker's response, "Cognizance!"
by l.c.sparky December 12, 2008
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When you feel guilty about all the carbs you’ve been eating so your subconscious starts to ascribe human characteristics to all types of bread products in an effort to make you less inclined to eat them . This happens to such a degree that you begin to believe that bread is actually a living entity with moral qualms about being consumed. It starts as a case of Pareidolia(seeing faces in unusual places). When the carbs in your life become cognizant it is not uncommon to see your muffin smiling at you or corn bread frowning in disgust. They stare at you and you stare back. You look with longing, while they gaze back in judgement. Before too long your explaining to your family that you haven’t eaten the waffles sitting out on the table because they have a rich backstory and kids at home that can’t get by without them.
Dean: I only did Keto for a week before I binged on a dozen Krispy Kreme’s. That last one didn’t appreciate it much.
Sam: Last one? Last donut?
Dean: Yeah, you could tell he was pissed?
Sam: Dude, those are cognizant carbs. The guilt got to you.
by Darren Besert February 15, 2018
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a pickle that is cognizent of its surroundings. it is able to subtract that which exists from that which does not exist and maintain a meager form of existance.
someone with long black hair and weird fingernails is a cognizent pickle.
by richard free man July 10, 2006
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How aware of or heightened the senses are to one's gender situationally/ circumstantially
While wearing his binder Ryan felt a euphoric sense of gender cognizance.

Esmeralda felt gender cognizant at a young age; however, the feelings of dysphoria really amplified during her teen years.
by ambientman December 28, 2021
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