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A beautiful novella by Ernest Hemmingway that describes the trials of an old fisherman who goes out too far and catches the biggest fish he's ever seen. They say there are refernces to Christ in it.
by Fox of the field January 12, 2007
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1) to organize something such as a stack of papers or such
present tense of

2) to get your thoughts straight; to put your mind at rest

3) to get everything ready for an event of any magnitude, be it the king of the world's birthday or your mother finishing dinner

past tense: got your shit together

future tense: get my shit together
1) When I couldn't find my homework in my messy backpack my mom told me to get my shit together.

2) That meeting really messed with my head; I gotta get my shit together.

3) Dude, the bus leaves for the track meet in ten minutes! Hurry up and get your shit together!
by Fox of the field January 15, 2007
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