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The most amazing, beautiful, and incredible girl in the world. No one can compare, but she's taken! (see max)
Ely is a unique and beautiful snowflake.
by Max September 24, 2004
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A horrible and inneficient way to communicate with people in the world.
My email inbox was filled with tons of spam and porn.
by Max April 11, 2004
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Sexual act performed by Chuck Norris on a platypus.
by Max February 25, 2005
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Mmm, it's sooo good. You really should try it.
Guy 1: Man I just did anal with my girlfreind
Guy 2: Sweet.
by Max June 14, 2006
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faggots who think they are awesome because they hate 'jocks'. These people tend to be insecure and afraid of people who are more popular than them. They have a passionate dislike for 'sporty people', yet usually skate themselves. Their hobbies are listening to shite music, spending unfathomable amounts of time on msn, and talking about skating.
"Fuckin bunch of jocks" (when they see people who are marginaly cooler than they are, but cant accept it.
by Max April 22, 2005
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Rivals : Enzo Ferrari, MC Merc SLR, Lamboghini Murcielago and Maserati's MC12. Costs £325,000 but has nothing different in sould and meaning to it's little bro's. Avalible in red, silver, black or silver, any millionaires dream.
Nothing Compares to this amazing Porsche
by Max October 31, 2004
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