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A shortened term for pimpcore.
I'm so pXe! Are you? Nah, I'm kidding. I hate pXe.
by Max February 26, 2005
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When your having Sexual relations with someone who is not facing you, this is when you tap the person on the shoulder, and when they turn to look at you, whilst your having the sexual relations, you take a dump in your hand and shove it in there face.
Danny's girlfriend complained that he had a small penis, so that night when they were having sex, he gave her a Cueva as revenge.
by Max September 30, 2004
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Being as stupid as a shovel.

Also to be so stupid that you would actually consider making sweet love to a garden utensil.
In reference to a misspelling
O iR U: you spelled destroy wrong you fuckshovel"
by Max October 16, 2004
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still haven't found what I'm looking for. Used by Michael the QA Admin on protonic.com
Crap, I shfwilf and I don't even know what it is ilf...

Damn you shfwilf, always sending me AI's!
by Max January 14, 2005
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song by prog-metal band Tool about the want to attain closeness with a sexual partner through fisting. an analogy for reaching in and grabbing the heart.

also sticking your hand in a chick's cunt
"listen to Stinkfist it's a great song."

"just remember to stop eating with your stinkfist, that shit stays in the pores for months"
by Max May 28, 2003
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