A manufactured grievance a woman uses to test the mettle, competence and confidence of her mate. It is an intentional provocation accompanied by an implicit and subconscious desire that the man put his foot down, set reasonable boundaries and demonstrate that he will not be bullied, nagged, shamed or guilted into submission. Its purpose is to confirm for her that he is capable of doing what needs to be done to provide for and protect her and her children. The subconscious thought process is, "If he can't stand up to me, how will he be able to deal with the cavemen down the valley who keep us up all night revving their motorcycles, let alone help bring down a mastodon or fend off the sabre toothed tigers?"

The worst thing a man can do when his woman is shit testing him is assume the grievance is genuine and cave in to her. Despite her seeming demand that he submit, if he does, she will lose respect for him, and once she loses respect for him she will believe that she's with a man who is not worthy of her, which in turn makes her angry and resentful of him. She will then escalate the tests, each grievance becoming more and more outrageous and irrational in a desperate bid for him to finally draw a line and say, "this far, no further."
''I had to dump her because i was getting tired of the constant shit tests''
by youngsimba1991 August 7, 2019
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A test that a girl performs on a male by saying or doing something to judge the reaction or response from him.
I talked all the night and didn't let that chick perform her shit tests on me man, until she got drunk.

We went out together and everything was great. But, I failed one shit test, and got dumped.
by MyLittleJack November 28, 2006
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A category of exploitative lies, gaslighting, assertive actions or passivity, that are used to manipulate/force out how trusting/clueless or tolerant (or accepting) a person is of you in that mode, or as a spiteful check for hypocrisy (a shit test in response). It's also used as a manipulative check of their conformity to normies, simps, etc views and empathy biases.

If it's done by abusers/sadists/psychos, then it's a "pushover" check, to see how far they can "get away" with harmful manipulations of him, to exploit him of his time and money, scapegoat him, talk him into something useless to him like a dare (if the provocateurs are sadistic, it's often a self-harmful or humiliating one).

In basic everyday cases infantile tantrums, nagging, passivity can be shit tests used out of laziness, fear or ineptitude, being spoiled.
* She's probing their simping limits by shit testing men into paying her bills, throwing aggro-simps against other men, monkey branching.
* They've offered something generally considered weird to me, I wonder if they're serious or shit testing.
* They're shit testing me to wash their dishes for them, by just leaving them annoyingly in the way.
by veinsofgold January 18, 2023
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When you take an over-the-counter COVID-19 test often purchased at stores like Walgreen’s, CVS or Target.
Dan shit-tested positive but then tested negative with the PCR test.
by chiguy09 July 30, 2021
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When one takes the name of a piece of hardware or software (or anything else, for that matter) and runs it through www.google.com with "+ piece of shit" added to the end. An excellent way of testing the reliability/worthiness of your chosen product.
I ran Internet Explorer + piece of shit through google and came back with 26,400 hits! SHITTASTIC!
by Dr. Matt NotSoDangerous August 19, 2004
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After coming up with what might be a great or a crap idea, thinking through all the ways it could go to shit or is generally just a shit idea
Hang on a sec, I’m just shit testing that idea. Yup. Its terrible. That will end badly.
by Lanusmanus October 13, 2019
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The Bleach-Chicken shit size test is a test where you take a raw chicken wing, carefully remove the bone and fill it bleach. Then staple the pocket shut and take it to the bathroom when you have to shit. After the shit you shove the wing up your ass, if your shit failed, your ass will be too tight, and will force the bleach out of the wing, making your ass and the wing the same color. If it does pass, the wing will slide right in, and your asshole should remain pinker than the wing.
Damn, Henry just plopped a steamy that passed the BC test

Wow, that was a big one, I should check if it passed the BC shit size test

Oh no, my shit didn't pass the BC shit size test, now ill never get in the big stinkers club
by Number one much June 25, 2023
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