1 - a complaint about being treated in an unfair way:

have a grievance: People know who to go to if they have a grievance.
2 - a feeling that you have been treated in an unfair way:
sense of grievance: This sense of grievance began with the confiscation of their land.
nurse a grievance: For years he nursed a grievance against his former employer.
1 - Managers were presented with a long list of grievances.
by peaceman January 8, 2008
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A particular variation of the victim card in which a person gains sympathy or social status by amassing experiences of perceived sleights or injustices. Grievance-collecting can be entirely fabricated, true, or a mix of the two. Grievance-collectors can never forgive or see another side of the story, because surrendering any grievance would result in loss of power over other people. Grievance-collecting can be personal, or part of a politically correct group dynamic.
If you call her, she will be angry. If you don't call her, she will be angry. Either way, she gets what she wants, and it will be used against you - because she doesn't actually want to patch things up. She's just grievance-collecting.
by Father Hollywood December 5, 2018
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When your minority status, or "otherness", out trumps another's.
Mickey's a drag queen. He's gay, and he dresses in drag.

So is Logan, but Mickey is gay, dresses in drag, and is Asian. His point of view is definitely higher on the grievance hierarchy scale!
by HiddenRightHere April 13, 2023
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The rights to have a grievance against a company, political or religious institution.
He practiced his grievance rights by suing the company who terminated his contract without any reason.
by Genomic Madness April 4, 2019
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Laying pipe to someone who is grieving and in an inconsolable state to make them feel better
Neej: Dude I just gave grievance pipe to my girlfriend

Ben: Ah shit what happened?
Neej: Her dog died so I wanted to make her feel better
by LopesUpBro! December 12, 2015
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A feeling of emptiness or void after watching a show or movie that would have typically occupied your time and knowing that it ended and knowing all the characters will never be seen again.
Man im going through Post-show grievance after I finished watching The Office
by pplayersrock November 27, 2020
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A psychological decision to compound every new adverse event as another excuse to grow one's own sense of aggrieved victimhood. It can be seen in individuals, groups or entire countries.

Grievance whirlpool sufferers have a manifest lack of resilience, "build a bridge and get over it" does not compute.

They are so fragile they will distort any: exhortation to effort, admonishment to compliance, correction of error, criticism of ideas, limitation of privileges and application of just punishment as an equally invalid personal and cumulative attack.
1) Johnny continues to flounder in his grievance whirlpool blaming yet again this teacher for this suspension because he somehow thinks it will fix a suspension he got in Yr7, over 3 years ago.

2) Those graduates from the University of Life spin further into the abyss of their grievance whirlpool each time their failure to grasp Yr9 Science is exposed by Scientists, the very same people that mocked them in school for licking the chemicals.

3) The “14 grievances”, yes they actually named their own grievance whirlpool when the Chinese government sheepishly informed Australian journalists how upset they were at being told they couldn't buy politicians anymore. Then they started the Trade Wars of 2020, because Australia somehow was part of the "100 Years of Shame", ask Xi, he'll tell you all about it for 2 hours.
by AndrewMusses October 28, 2021
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