3 definitions by Dr. Matt NotSoDangerous

The prolonged (and rather smelly discharge) left behind after a fierce night of anal sex. Can be mixed in conjunction with a Chicago Martini to make quite the punch for your special get-togethers.
Man...we have to stop doing it so hard..I don't have enough tortilla chips for my rectal salsa.
by Dr. Matt NotSoDangerous August 17, 2004
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When one takes the name of a piece of hardware or software (or anything else, for that matter) and runs it through www.google.com with "+ piece of shit" added to the end. An excellent way of testing the reliability/worthiness of your chosen product.
I ran Internet Explorer + piece of shit through google and came back with 26,400 hits! SHITTASTIC!
by Dr. Matt NotSoDangerous August 19, 2004
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1) A person who comes to Urbandictionary.com and posts the name of the person who they hope (probably in vain) to some day end up with. These people flood urbandictionary with thousands of useless definitions in the hopes that (Insert name here) will see it.

2) A self-aggrandizing loser.
by Dr. Matt NotSoDangerous August 19, 2004
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