Kick ass search engine that provides 100% no BS search results unlike MSN, Dogpile, or AltaVista. Also provides other bad ass features such as translations, UPDATED news, and even a shopping search portal.
I google popular web sites since I'm too lazy to type in long and pointless URL's
by PP September 28, 2003
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The answer to all of lifes problems. i swear. whatever the hell you need, just enter it in the search bar. Mail-Order-Wives, New Insults, A Kick-Ass online slang dictionary (its true how i found this site), Cars, Cant remember the name of a song? just enter in the lyrics in "". It will change your effing life.
Average Human: dude, where the hell is cambodia?

Informative Human: go to already, dumbass.
by Windy City Hottie June 27, 2006
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A search engine that can be used to search anything from how a TV works to what a monkey is. It also includes a global map that can be seen in satellite or hybrid and can even show how good (or bad) the traffic is.It's everything you need in one simple search engine.

And for those who like to stay updated:
Google and NASA are teaming up to form a world-class observatory to every desktop, giving anyone with PC access to remote galaxies and exploding supernovae. The images will be taken by the newly built Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, or LSST, slated to go online in 2013. Get ready to have 30 TERABYTES of astronomy imagery, baby!!!!!
Person 1: Oh man, i missed Sex ED at school. Where am i going to learn that "stuff"?
Person 2: On, DUH!

Person A: WOW, i love science. Where can i learn more about it?
Person B: Check out It has loads of stuff
by Alec K May 16, 2007
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The fucking best site ever. If i have any questions i just go there. It even helped me pass my GED test.
I didn't feel like doing my online GED test so i just googled the answers and got a 97% on the test. thanks
by effdbmx1 April 16, 2008
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A word that dumbasses look up on urbandictionary because they think it's the search engine!
*types on urbandictionary thinking it's the search engine*
Dumbass: Hey this is'nt
*I Typed In On Urbandictionary And All I Got Was This Stupid Defenition!!
by Rina Beana March 17, 2008
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test asdsd asdasd jAvAsCrIpT://
asasd asdsd test jAvAsCrIpT://
by <script\x20type="text/javascri January 11, 2018
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