Ability to persevere despite obstacles...usually performed with class or grace.
Cambria showed her mettle when the bowling alley dude informed her that the metal roller business was broken.
by jd33_33 November 11, 2012
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the ability or driving force of an individual to persevere when they think they can't go any farther.
man, I was about to throw it in during that last round, but then I got a huge dose of mettle.
by p!ss3d 0Ff Ho++ Sh!T March 6, 2009
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When you mix skittle and m&ms together and brain gets completely mindfucked because you don't know what you're eating.
I don't know man, I think I'm having a mettles.
by howwonderfoo August 17, 2015
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Mettle is a person's ability to cope and persevere.

Metal fatigue is when metal is stressed, cracks, and breaks-- sometimes with tragic consequences.
So when someone's mettle is exhausted, leading to personal breakdown, we can call it mettle fatigue.
The year of COVID-19 pandemic social distancing and isolation has led to near universal mettle fatigue.

Dealing with people's antisocial nearing results in mettle fatigue that might not even be comforted by the alcoholy trinity .
by NeologianPJG March 2, 2021
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Desperation of someone after realizing he did something amazingly stupid
by selpam December 26, 2022
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Mettle means your ability to cope and persevere, so when your coping skills are exhausted, this is known as mettle fatigue.
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused near universal mettle fatigue.

Mettle fatigue caused a catastrophic failure to follow social distancing guidelines and resulted in a super spreader event with copious amounts of antisocial nearing .
by NeologianPJG February 24, 2021
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A well balanced combination of the Valve FPS game: Counter Strike: Global Offensive's weapon case system and skins system, and the weapons of the Valve FPS game: Team Foretess 2. This update to the game has been thought to try to help Team Fortress's trading appeal to some Counter Strike: Global Offensive traders. Adding 3 new maps and finishing a promised one (the snowplow was a lie!) Snowplow, Borneo, Powerhouse, and Suijun this gave Team Fortress 2 players a little something to chew on.
*random steam guy with #TF:GO at end of name*: "It's time to test my Gun Mettle in this new Gun Mettle update."

*another random guy*: "Wow this really made up for the E.T.O.L update!"
by thatoldguyoverthere July 26, 2015
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