When there are many ways to do something or solve a problem, a workflow is the way it is usually done by a person or organization that may also be considered the best or most efficient way. A series of steps and/or procedures to reach the solution.
What workflow do you use to animate this character's face?
What does your workflow look like for drawing anime-like characters?
by DarkAeon_X August 2, 2018
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A bullshit managment word for a process in which they dont understand.
Manager - "This action feeds into the workflow process."
Employee's think " What the fuck is a workflow"
by DOC1123 July 16, 2008
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A bullshit management word to describe a process in which they don’t understand.
Manger " And this feeds intot the workflow process".

Employees look puzzeld thinking what the fuck is workflow.
by doc1123 July 17, 2008
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an annoying hastag that is used by people to post pictures of themselves about to head to work or at work, typically dressed in some kind of work related clothing. The word is an amalgam of the words "work" and "flow". Work referencing itself and 'flow' most likely being influenced by mainstream rap and urban culture, where someone's "flow" is their rhyme or rap. It is also a derivative of the homonym without the hastag, workflow, which is meaningless business-speak.
look at me everybody I have a job and want to take a picture of myself #workflow
by drinktheh8terade July 29, 2015
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