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1. a ho of the highest degree of quality, often maintianing super ho type powers, etc.
2. a ho of an extreme or excessive degree earning the best ho scores and donations.
3. Informal. a very good ho; a first-rate ho; an excellent ho.
4. (of measurement) superficial.
5. a superfine ho.
6. Slang. a very forward ho; an extremely or excessively ho-ish super ho: a super classy ho; a super stimulating portion of it.
i needed to pull out all the stops to get this new job so i had to call in super-ho.
by nick December 30, 2008
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The owner, usualy/always is a rich selfish bastard who doesn't care if other people are dying from hunger or haven't got clean drinking water etc.. but cares more about how many family buissness he/she closed down today. So many millions of lives could have be/ could be saved if these people wern't so damn greedy. The main aim of corperations is to drive down the cost of making the product so they get make a better profit, this includes moving factories to countries like india where the minimum wage is many times lower than in the 1st world, in places such as these, child labour is often used. I'm not saying that they should move out and create unemployment for countries they have their factories, but they should increase their wages to at least the american minimum wage.

They exploit loopholes in taxes to save money meaning we pay higher taxes to make up the difference or less money goes into the public sector which means the rich get richer and standards for poorer families go right down either way, 44 of 82 of america's top companies did not pay the standard corperation tax, but lower. 17% of these payed no taxes at all . Forbes magazine estimated this costs us $10 Billion year.
This is done by moving their headquaters to other countries, this being just one department.

The irs used to chase up these loopholes but have since given up. Instead, taxes on corperations have gone down by %26 while the average american tax went up by AT LEAST %13
all have factories in countries where the minimum wage is substantualy less than america and where child labour is used.
by nick August 15, 2003
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the act of assembling
hang on while i assemblize a playlist...
by nick December 30, 2005
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Totally extreme. Like, gnarly, as used in the 1980s, only much, much more so.
I was skatin' with the dudes, and man, I busted a trick MOST gnalodious! It was rightious.
by nick March 29, 2005
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A small ball of fecal matter which WILL NOT (hence the name) seem to desire to leave the hair around your anal cavity.
My ass doesn't feel right... I must have a willnot or two.
by nick February 10, 2004
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The fat mother fucker. That is probably really gay; but afraid to admit. 2 One that never has sex. 3 one who consumes alochol.
That Kid is Hinsonic.
by nick March 6, 2005
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a hypothetical time of day uttered in response to the question of "what time is it." when consumption of said malted beverage becomes an event that is either inevitable or required to proceed with life as we know it in modern society. No other time expression exists with beer in it, ie. there is no beer fifteen, or quarter to beer, there is also not a half past a beer or beer forty five. If it is not exactly beer thirty when someone asks you just say its getting close to beer thirty.
what time is it?

its almost beer thirty.

see also: beer:30
by nick May 9, 2005
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