3 definitions by mitch_southpaw

Overly sensitive person whose feelings and beliefs are hurt to the extreme! Proper term for pussy.
Coworker: That guy is such a snowflake.

Me: Don't you mean, pussy?!
Coworker: Yes but we are at work. Don't say it so loud!
Me: OK...snowflake.
by mitch_southpaw February 23, 2023
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When you poop more so than a normal amount on a given sitting or pooping so much throughout the day.
Me: I shouldn't eaten those two burritos last night. I'm just shitting up a storm-I already pooped an ungodly amount twice this morning. I feel bad for my toilet.
by mitch_southpaw March 18, 2018
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When you excrete a higher than normal amount of feces due to eating rich and huge portions of food like that of a king could afford.
Me: Ohh, I ate 5 course meals in one sitting last night, I filled up my porcelain chair this morning!
Friend: Damn, you must've shit like a king!
Me: Yea now my toilet doesn't work.
by mitch_southpaw December 28, 2018
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