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A hairy yet modernized human being that commonly is seen in the western most regions of washington. a gentle creature by nature but tends to get a little erratic when it overindulges itself with its favorite foods. It's diet consist mainly of a blend barley with hops. if you see this creature be cautious as to whether you should provide him with these items. They will commonly respond to the name of Richard Pulliam but be very wary of this creature when inebriated.
pulliam is a wookie
by the dax October 01, 2007
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A lifeless idiot whose whole existence consists of following around jam bands and not showering or shaving. When they're not panhandling or trying to rip people off, they're selling veggie burritos or grilled cheese to fund their useless existence. They stand for nothing and care about nobody else. (Not to be confused with a hippie. A hippie is someone who lives a certain lifestyle due to their beliefs. Hippies often shower and have jobs.)
Yo those wookies over there are trying to sell beat rolls.
by Mark December 29, 2003
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when ur eating cookies and your mouth is full. then ur freind asks u what u are doing and u say eating a wookie
BoB: bill what are u doing?
Bill: eatin some wookies.
by brady cramer February 24, 2005
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A bipedal humanoid covered in fur with retractable claws used for climbing.
by Racknahm February 11, 2003
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1. In general, a female Marine. Usually one that is ugly and/or hairy, but does not need to have those qualities to be a wookie.
1. "Dude, I hate wookies. All they do is bitch about stuff and "suck" their way through the USMC."

2. "Dude that wookie over there sure has a lot of hair on her arms and neck...gross."
by TheRealCPL September 16, 2009
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