a cross between a fart and a shit; where u've intended to fart but u shit in your pants instead.
Little Boy: Daddy, I've sharted on my pants! I had only wanted to fart.......
by sharty December 06, 2008
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An extraction from the asshole that can cause great muscle pain. Mixture of shitting and farting at once that may cause an uncomfortable dispositioning in your pants.
"Dude I just sharted my pants."
"That shart smells like tuna."
by LT Ram September 03, 2009
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When one farts and shit comes out too. Often reffered to as a wet fart.
I have to go and change my boxers. I just sharted!

I just sharted in my friends soup and he ate it!
by Andrew March 23, 2005
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To feel an explosion of gas about to shoot out except shit spit fires with juice all down your leg.
1. Coco I feel so bloated, maybe I have gas..let me try and release my air...ahhhhhhh holy shit, I just sharted everywhere.

2. Please, don't make me laugh anymore..I swear I'm going to fart..Oh my god here it comes..oh nooo I just shart and it went through my pants.

3. AAAAAAHHHH CHHHUUUUU...F@#$ I'm crying because I just sharted!
by I SLEPT WITH NELLY! March 09, 2006
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A huge fart with a lump in it.
As I was attempting to drive home from the local chinese restaurant, I shart myself before reaching the oval office in time.
by Big Shartman III January 05, 2005
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Noun: The combination of the solid waste and gas excreted from the anus simultaneously.

Verb: The act of excreting shit and gas while farting!

The origin of the word "shart" is credited to L. Crowley (1986) after observing her brother excrete a little extra something along with his explosive gas after after a night of endulgence at the turkey testical festival.
Holy Crap! The idiot just sharted!
by Xcrete February 08, 2008
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What happens when you think you have to fart but a little shit pops out when you fart. Damn, I just sharted!
"I have to go home and change my underware because I just sharted."
by ggrab4884 September 07, 2009
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