A person who is in a state of unhappiness; usually unhappy with their current lifestyle. Can also represent an individualwho generally thinks everything sucks. Note the elderly woman reading a newspaper in Queen's 'I Want to Break Free' video for a clear example.
by freddie January 5, 2005
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The feeling of a little stress and a little bit of anger combined
"I am very disgruntled, you made three spelling mistakes in the presentation"
by Frederick Frederick November 4, 2019
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Having drive, & driven to a point of determination as you gather the residuals from your reservoir, & at the same time, trying to recharge; a determining point; agitated; affected; disturbed; having difficult effort, or struggle; vigorous, ruffled state; Great effort! Attitude. Outlook;
In those old, Michael Jordan led, Chicago Bulls comebacks, it was as if he did it by his pure will to win. His Determination. For Example, The playoff games between The Washington Bullets, featuring Chris Webber, Rod Strickland, & Juwaun Howard, appeared to be a very disgruntle match, with a few lead changes.
by GRUNT!~ March 28, 2013
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being both pissed off and startled and sad and confused at the same time; just an extreme of all three
my mom was DISGRUNTLED because dad left us on tuesday
by Tyler L. Davis II January 12, 2006
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A grunting state of agitated displeasure assumed by egocentric engineer or sports types who are quite fond of getting their own way, by brain or by brawn, and find themselves powerless to get what they want. It is generally saved to manipulate lesser minds into capitulating to their will. Those who challenge them find this tactic pointless and extremely amusing.

“If I don’t get _________________ by five tonight, I am going to be extremely disgruntled.”

I know you know this, but maybe you don't KNOW it know it...but ignoring me, or my emails, does NOT make things go away as if they never happened. It only serves to make me further disgruntled and unhappy.”
by Nebraska Wildcat September 25, 2008
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A word that means angry or dissatisfied, it can also be used to accurately describe Geoff
Scott: I'm very Disgruntled today.
Geoff:Don't say that please... You are nothing like me.
by turtleboy939 January 7, 2019
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An active-duty member of the US military i.e. Marines/Army, who is fed up with all the bullshit that happens in their daily life, ex: being treated like a child, going to the field, having to sit through safety briefs, etc etc.
1: We've got to clean our barracks room for inspection tomorrow for like 5 hours
2: Damn it man, I'm so disgruntled
by BathtubBarracuda July 29, 2016
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