The meanings of "I just sharted"
1. Its when you fart to hard and you shit your pants
2.Describes what you do when your scared "oh my god dude..I just sharted.."
3.when you sundely fart very hard when your in class and shit comes out
4. Or its just a way of saying "I just shit and farted at the same time"
Person 1: "I have to shit really bad dude."
Person 2: "go to the restroom then.."
Person 1: *farts to hard and shits* "dude..I just sharted"
by derpduck February 17, 2015
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when your with your friend and you think you need to fart so you do and then you realise it wasn’t a fart and that you in fact have just shit all over yourself and your friend
friend: you alright mate?
you: yea man just need to fart *sharts*
you: ‘oh shit mate i just sharted’ :/
by ohshitm8ijistshartedddd November 19, 2019
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