sex game-a game played leading up to sex
mike and Tiffani played strip me-it was a sex game because it led to good fucking,hardcore sex
by Tiffanialaine October 15, 2006
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Sans 1. lets do sex gaming
Sans 2. ok that is epic
Sans 1. wait i don't even have fortskin from epics epic game called fortnite
by SANS UNDERTALE IS FORTNITE?!? November 11, 2018
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When 2 people meet on a video game, meet irl, and do the sex.
Sans 1: hey wanna meet up irl and do sex gaming?
Sans 2: i don’t have a foreskin
by epic roblox gamer November 11, 2018
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The act of engaging in sexual intercourse while playing video games, usually ones of a non-sexual nature.
Hey babe, wanna try sex gaming?
by Ashley but epic August 14, 2020
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To be really fucking great at having sex I mean real good female/or male from oral to anal feet anything
Fam got that sex game bruh killa
by Savy my nigga September 12, 2018
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A game that promises to make your balls explode fifty two times in one minute. These games are click bait. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. THEY WILL NOT MAKE YOUR BALLS EXPLODE, BELIEVE ME. They are just a sad excuse to show big tiddied girls with even bigger dicks
Guy 1: hey did you ever click on that adult sex game?

Guy 2: yeah, never been more disappointed in my entire life
Guy 1: why?

Guy 2: man that chick had a bigger dick than mine
by Sweet Satan March 6, 2020
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When you're having sex while playing games with your boyfriend/girlfriend.
Does not matter who or what you're fighting - if your other half wants to have sex and play games, you're having game sex.

During the act, you're free to change styles but you must keep having sex until you're done playing.
Me: Dude, what the hell happened? You just disappeared from Skype last night!
Friend: Me and my wife had game sex while fighting the final boss.
Me: ...What in the actual fuck?
by Blade The Kaiser January 12, 2014
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