47 definitions by Savy my nigga

When a black guy uses his hard cock on a female/females smacking them across their face with it turning them or her on in the process straight dominating you with it cause she's been acting up or talking shit
This bitch is trippin looks like she needs the knight stick
by Savy my nigga September 18, 2018
A sexy ass mixed breed female race mixed with white and black
Guy:Damn I fuckin love yellow bones

Other guy:Haha hell yeah bro
by Savy my nigga September 6, 2018
To be darkskinned and have red bone skin complexion they usually have long dicks
by Savy my nigga January 11, 2019
Having a threesome or sex with two fineass women at the same time
1.Man bro I was with these two girls last night it was one of the best times of my life

2.damn I could really use two girls right now
by Savy my nigga November 26, 2018
While face fucking/hard stroking a woman you deepthroat her all the way down till your balls are hanging off her chin you can even use a give me your face before hand
Haha babe your a ballchinian
(Pulls out hard throbbing cock )

Babe:Wow I fucking love being a ballchinian
by Savy my nigga September 20, 2018
Basically to be sexually irresistible to the opposite sex male/female due to dress style physical appearance or verbal communication your definitely going to want to have sex with that particular person
by Savy my nigga January 14, 2019