47 definitions by Savy my nigga

A great singer who is obsessed with social Reddit and having sex with dominic
Lady:Ariana your obsessed with dominic

Ariana grande: I just love having sex with him girl I love his big ass dick
by Savy my nigga September 2, 2018
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Having a threesome or sex with two fineass women at the same time
1.Man bro I was with these two girls last night it was one of the best times of my life

2.damn I could really use two girls right now
by Savy my nigga November 26, 2018
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A princess She loves sucking balls and likes deep throating large cocks catching the facial with her tounge out she's the sexiest and naughty and horny shes the best kisser fun rough and tough and playful great personality
Jasmine is pretty awsome
by Savy my nigga January 29, 2019
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When a black guy uses his hard cock on a female/females smacking them across their face with it turning them or her on in the process straight dominating you with it cause she's been acting up or talking shit
This bitch is trippin looks like she needs the knight stick
by Savy my nigga September 18, 2018
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A female pornstar who really enjoys pleasing Dominic in every sexual aspect she's extremely sexy with a fineass shes about her money and health and shes the toughest and really fun also smart and no one would ever know they are fucking nobody really does dominic is in love with her sex he's from Austin Texas
Dude I just saw jynx maze ride by with a short black guy with long hair damn shes a fine ass lady dude I've probably seen all of her

videos haha
by Savy my nigga December 20, 2018
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A massive elongated penis who only comes over for one thing to hammer the wet vagina real good
Bring that fucking hammer man here daddy ive been waiting all day for you
by Savy my nigga September 16, 2018
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A guy who holds his hard cock like a hammer right before he hammers it in a female like a nail through wood straight nailing her
My boyfriend's got a hammer man and my ass was the nail
by Savy my nigga December 16, 2018
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