Sex that is fast, loud, hard, and memorable.
We had some seriously hardcore sex last night. i think the people in the next room over heard us.
by sexyyy July 9, 2005
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Crazy sex. Usually slapping the sex partner rapidly while fucking him/her like a wild boar. Hump like crazy until the sex partner screams their lungs out. Different strategies may apply. Fist in the pussy until it rips is a classic. Hardcore sex is only good for making porn videos to make the viewer ejaculate like a bitch. Please use caution before having hardcore sex. It may end with a testacle loss, and STD
I had hardcore sex with your mom last night. Her pussy is now 6 inches wide.
by agrasdfasdfasdf July 3, 2005
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June 21 national hardcore sex day definition Where you fuck so hardcore and make her squirt everywhere 😝💦👅 only on June 21 you can fuck the shit out of your girlfriends
June 21 national hardcore sex day definition I fucked her so hard she couldn’t even walk straight?!?! 👅💦 Girls be prepared!!! that features detailed depictions of sexual organs or

sexual acts such as vaginal, anal or oral intercourse, fingering, anilingus, ejaculation,
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H.S.D.S.(otherwise known as: hardcore satan death sex)is the preoccupation with 1 or more peers including 1 minister in the church of satan involving the intercourse of satanists at a church of satan meeting ground under the night view of a 3/4 moon.
Dood i had HSDS (hardcore Satan Death Sex last night with this totally goth chick. it was crazy
by iloveallthepoisn January 26, 2009
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