There was serum all over my computer when I was watching porn.
by ManMadeSerum August 22, 2009
What you call alcohol when it is used, consumed or purchased for the intent of promoting sex to occur between two or more parties.
Yeah bro, I thought I was never gonna hit it with that fat chick from DQ but all she needed to get busy was a little bit of that slut serum.
by RanchGirls October 22, 2020
a drug used to lower inhibition in patients with severe anxiety-based phobias or prisoners in order to entice them to tell the truth about any questions asked
sodium amytals; amobarbital, or sodium pentothol
by Raven Dyer-lang May 11, 2003
When you bust in a girl’s mouth after a month or more on NoFap.
by abbyiszyzz May 10, 2021
a solution given to dick goblins to relieve their otherwise uncontrollable cravings for penis
The Dick Goblin won't stop calling me. I think she ran out of anticock craving serum.
by Smasherman July 21, 2008
A drug made by mixing 2 relaxing pills, a headache pill and cough syrup.
Man 1: Yo dude I just had some Senpapi's Sleep Serum
Man 2: Nice
by Senpapi November 3, 2019