An element, having the symbol "Na", which comes from the latin word "Natrium".

Commonly bonded with Chlorine ions (chloride) in the form of table salt.
Sodium is poisonous, if you put it on your fries you'd die, dumbass.
by singlularity69 September 30, 2004
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To describe a unintelligent intellect who is not capable of handling the same iq as you. Or in other words to call someone dumb.
Yo did you know ostriches can't fly?

You're sodium.
by May 19, 2019
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it is a element in the piriotic table
i put sodium on my fries
by robert December 8, 2003
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A violent natural chemical ( Na ) which mixed with chlorine becomes sodium chloride, a.k.a salt. Sodium makes a small explosion with water as hydrogen interacts with the chemical compounds of sodium, and producing some Sodium Hydroxide ( NaOH )Sodium, also hydroscopic is a caustic substance, don't dream of dropping it on you. If you ever bought a small microscope it comes with a petrified sample of sodium. DO NOT EAT
Chemist Ed: Don't mix sodium with water without saftey!!

Dumbshit: Durr, let's put some sodium on our fries!
by CaptainWhiteyBoy December 13, 2006
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Rare mental challenging disease notoriously known because of SodiumChloride
SodiumChloride is the embodiment of r/confidentlyincorrect
Sodium: Today I've learnt i can use a pic of my email as proof of age.
Anyone: *explains that's not correct*
Sodium: *explains he meant passport instead of email*
That same other person: Sodiumism
Sodium: Why is the League of Legends player having an opinion on me? Go call someone the n word or something.
by Berniii August 17, 2021
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A semi-covert way of referring to the quality of someone's derriere. Derived from the chemical symbol for Sodium, Na. (Nice Ass)
Jamie might be average looking in the face, but so Sodium!
by LbkJackson April 11, 2011
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Jimmy: Just some sodium chloride.
Skeet: Dude, it's called salt
Jimmy: That's what I said, sodium chloride
by R O O S T E R February 25, 2018
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