What a teacher says in an attempt to get students who have questions to open up. This really does the opposite -- none of the students had the time to come up with a question in the first place, and then when they do come up with a question, they don't ask it because they 'should have asked when it was question time.'
Teacher: There is a fiction assignment you guys will be starting soon, and it'll be due on the 25th. There will be several writing workshops so each of you can get with your partners and read your own stories to each-other. Bring four copies of your first draft this Thursday, you're aiming for 300-400 words, and then hopefully you guys can have a good time bouncing suggestions off of each other. Any questions?
Class: *silence*
Teacher: Alright, class is dismissed. Have a good afternoon.
by Helispark September 22, 2019
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Whenever you hear "Does anyone have any questions?" after a long speech of zero value; you know you're dealing with a soulless corporate fuckwad.
by geekmalone November 6, 2020
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