The kind of idiot who votes a thumbs down to a perfectly good slang word definition, just because they havent heard it in their neck of the woods, and probably has a brother called "Troy" or some such nonsense. You know who you are, you mugs!
Who voted a thumbs down to my defition of "mug"?

Probably some idiot septic!
by Kent Paul September 26, 2006
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Affectionate name used by Glasgow Rangers to call their city rivals Glasgow Celtic.
I see The Mighty Gers pumped Septic 3-0 at the weekend again!!
by bigbluenosebear March 25, 2011
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British cockney rhyming slang for a Yank (a Yankee, an American). As in 'Septic Tank Yank'. I'm told by my British friends the origin of this was the British military, where in WWI American infantrymen exhibited the worst of the worst language, and talked a lot of crap. But being from California, I remind them that I'm about as Yankee as an Australian is a Brit. Calling everyone in America a Yank is really ignorant. The British say Septic, while Australians generally say Seppo (compounded ignorance).
"(The septic..,) Giving the British the synthesizer was like giving whiskey to the Indians - it ruined a nation. - jps"
by jpsully October 25, 2008
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To become intoxicated to the extent that a person can no longer stand up and their words are poorly enunciated. Usually a time like this a person would be making a serious fool of themselves, or be involved in something they will seriously regret tomorrow morning.
Tom: Jesus boy u were quite septic last night!
Henry: I Know, I dont really want to hear about it.
Tom: Remember when you got stuck in the cubical with that ugly fat bird you were shifting all night?
Henry: What? Oh God!
Tom: Ha Ha, you septic fool! Don't you remember!? you had your pants down at your ankles at the time making many attempts to pull them back up but gravity wasn't your friend last night!! Ahhh ha ha ha ha ha!
by Thomas O'Brien August 23, 2007
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1.cool, sick
2. peng, fit, hot
Girl 1 - Gurrrrrl that shirt is septic!
Girl 2 - Thanks honey, you're looking pretty septic yourself
by anon48483229jj December 01, 2010
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A skank with the pox or other sexually transmitted diseases.
That poxy-cunted septic skank gave me (and rest of the football team) the clap!
by Witch of the West September 24, 2007
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