When you feel so helpless and stupid and you think nothing is ever gonna be good again, and even macaroni and cheese taste like sawdust, and you can't even bother to masturbate because it feels too energy-consuming.
Sorrow is a part of me and my everyday life. I just want macaroni and cheese to taste good again.
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A member of the Cobra Unit. A medium studied by the USSR. Fathered The Boss's baby (Ocelot). The Boss then killed him on a mission from the CIA. Can communicate with the dead to get an edge in battle. Cries blood ya know.
sad...so sad...war brings battle, battle brings death, death brings sorrow.
by seismographitti 00 January 22, 2005
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Sorrow. Sorrow would be the feeling I feel seethe its way within my soul every moment, every day, ever year. The feeling I get when I think that I may have actually found the love of my life, the one person to cast my doubts and fears aside. 'Tis also the feeling that has remained pent-up within me for so long, other words used to describe it. Loneliness, forlorn, solitude, it all means one thing... empty on the inside, void of all feeling and deprived of compassion and love. A feeling that I fear will soon consume me entirely, and I know not how it will end... but I do know one thing, I know that it WILL end. I shall see to it... personally.
"Have you ever had the feeling nobody really gives a shit that you're alive? Some may also think you're just a waste of Gods time, and wish you would just... not exist anymore."
by Robert April 23, 2005
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Mental suffering or pain caused by injury, loss, or despair.
by HT January 31, 2004
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The feeling you get when nothing in life is going right, often comes just before self-pity, and then possibly suicide.
When the sorrow gets to much for you take the roman way out.
by En Stevns January 16, 2004
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the feeling most believe they have felt but have not, sorrow is the highest for of sadness, it is what comes when you see an old love you still love, when arguing with an old friend who you now despise, it will send you in to what feels like hell, but for me has become a reality, a home, from this i have commited suicide on my spirit, but still live, waiting for her to be there, silently waiting for it to come over me and end this pain, it can be misery, or excitement, me it is both, making me feel fully free of boundaries, the experince is diffrent for all, i have been to the edge and back many a time and will happen many more, silently waiting.
sorrow hath overtaken me, leaving an empty shell of a person that can only be revived be the one.
by love loss April 8, 2011
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incredibly emo, sucks at life, is really horrible at CS:S, can't blast to save his life...
wow that sorrows guy, wouldn't want to be him
by <3sorrows November 5, 2007
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