Latoya the prettiest person ever to met she’s independent very self-centre social person she’s sweet , caring and bubbly

Latoya amazing
by Chalisa101 August 20, 2021
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The most amazing person and hottest person and she can be your mommy ;) she's better than all the other bitches
Omg Latoya is so hot
by Roulett April 20, 2020
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A person that's a compassionate, funny, secretive, giving, loving great woman. She's someone you can always count on, even if she's busy. She's a true friend, an exceptional, insatiable lover. Being with LaToya will never be dull or boring. LaToya's make exceptional Aries & great Scorpios. Every man needs a LaToya in his life.
Guy: see that girl? She's a LaToya
by Shaquan47 December 14, 2015
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this word describes any person who is loving, patient, and compassionate.

"I really needed some help and that lady did her best to assist me. She is such a LaToya"
by Chinue August 03, 2008
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LaToya Jackson is the world famous singing icon, brother & sister of lesser known singers Michael, Janet & Rebbie. LaToya has survived 25 years in the business and is still going strong when she releases her 11th album "Startin' Over" in 2005. (Hopely)
LaToya is very popular with the Kylie Minogue fans and is even more popular at the Kylie Minogue fan board "" some say even more than Kylie herself! Kylie is even a fan herself.
Sayhey Queen Who Lacks Taste: Oh no not LaToya!
Toy Soldier (LaToya fans nickname for themselves): LaToya rocks!!
Sayhey with music taste: Yes I have to agree.
by Toy Soldier July 30, 2005
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*The name latoya and barros is for someone who knows how to be a good friend. AKA loyal, trustworthy and INSANE
Barros accumpanied by the first means that this particular person has a kooky, crazy but stlyish taste of life
Person A: "Hay, i love your outfit today.."
Person B: "But i thought you hated green and yellow together",
Person A: "Yah, but you make it look stylish.. your mum should have called you latoya, i mean, your last name is barros!"
Person B: "Latoya Barros?!?"
by Duckii 94 April 03, 2009
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