1. against someone or something

2. a person who is against someone or something
Im not anti the legislation, I just think it could be adjusted.
by Light Joker May 3, 2007
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Someone who is anti-shipping towards specific pairs, often to the point of harassing and/or threatening shippers. They usually claim to only hate ships with pedophilic, incestuous, abusive, or otherwise problematic elements. However, many of them will do incredible mental gymnastics to call any ship that rivals their OTP "problematic".
Antis are calling the Alice X Bob ship pedophilia and incest because they were a freshman and a senior at the same high school 10 years ago.

I can't believe antis will actually dox people for shipping Alice X Bob.

If you ship Alice X Bob, block these antis. They're filling shippers' inboxes with gore, porn, and suicide bait.
by SilverScales February 14, 2019
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Someone who defines themself by what they are against. They live for protests, and thrive off handing out pamphlets in university hallways. Typically, are vegan, vote for the green party, secretly wish they were a member of a minority group and are painfully politically correct.
Steve will protest anything! He's so bloody anti.
by aurora March 11, 2005
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dutch slang for a person who comes from the Netherlands Antilles.
This goes out to my antis in the ghetto
by Jayjaygee May 16, 2006
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Underground subculture whichs origin is absolutely unknown.
Recently, the anti-movement grew remarkably,- The subculture that always kept out of the internet now is spreading online. Anti-kids will always remark how much they hate 'myspasm', scenesters, emo and possibly any other 'obnoxious subculture' about as much as the mainstream.
Basically, Anti-kids are against everything but their very certain, elitist, independent likes.
If you happen to just state that you don't really like something an anti-kid adores, s/he will start to insult you and, while making sure the anti-kid's elitist "I'm-better-than-you-anyway"-attitude gets underlined by actually some well-thought, yet always insulting arguments.
If you state that something about the anti-kid or it's likes is not absolutely enormously brilliant but just "okay", he will let all his hatred rain down on you.
The natural enemy of the anti-culture seems to be the scene. Of all the things anti-kids hate in this world, scene obviously is the worst.
Nothing a scene kid does is accepted and will be answered with pitch black humour and a good sense of irony.
So, the most important thing about anti is the attitude, but all anti-kids seem to resemble a certain kind of musical taste. There are, as for now, no real anti-bands you could name that were anti since they were formed. But all anti-kids, at the same time as listening to foreign music nobody has ever heard of, seem to be obsessed with the german band T.Raumschmiere (maybe as for their slogan 'Stay Anti' which actually has nothing to do with the movement but got sort of a slogan for it, too) or the icelandic singer Björk. While an anti-kid also listens to noise, they won't 'get down' to listen to 'mainstream-music'- Whatever they currently define as it. Currently, it seems to be emo.
However, the anti-culture also seems musically deeply into 80s underground industrial and hating towards anything that happened in the 90s but some of their favorite bands of that decade, which were, of course, the most awesome ever.

So maybe if the 80's came back they would stop feeling superior as if they were the next form of mankind.

So you whiny little scene-fag are ranting about my band while your band's text has the sensuality and depth of a retarded godzilla-clone playing a toy-piano while grunting the latest song of manowar?
by The lonely duckrider November 15, 2007
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Geez! You're being so anti!
by Alifonte October 22, 2003
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A person who is actually more obsessed with the ship than the actual shippers.
Antis are so annoying, they don't let people believe what they want to believe. They mention the ship even if it's not a topic in the conversation. They are worse than us
by Peachesandlouisblue February 22, 2021
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