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Someone who is anti-shipping towards specific pairs, often to the point of harassing and/or threatening shippers. They usually claim to only hate ships with pedophilic, incestuous, abusive, or otherwise problematic elements. However, many of them will do incredible mental gymnastics to call any ship that rivals their OTP "problematic".
Antis are calling the Alice X Bob ship pedophilia and incest because they were a freshman and a senior at the same high school 10 years ago.

I can't believe antis will actually dox people for shipping Alice X Bob.

If you ship Alice X Bob, block these antis. They're filling shippers' inboxes with gore, porn, and suicide bait.
by SilverScales February 14, 2019
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"Are you dumb why'd you think I'd tell you their name? Dumbass it's called sneaky link for a reason."
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1. against someone or something

2. a person who is against someone or something
Im not anti the legislation, I just think it could be adjusted.
by Light Joker May 02, 2007
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Often used in stan twitter to reference people who are rude towards others for paying attention to detail and actually listening to messages left for the fans to take a notice for.
Antis are so annoying, they won’t even give Larry a shot.
by Medicine November 17, 2020
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Someone who defines themself by what they are against. They live for protests, and thrive off handing out pamphlets in university hallways. Typically, are vegan, vote for the green party, secretly wish they were a member of a minority group and are painfully politically correct.
Steve will protest anything! He's so bloody anti.
by aurora March 10, 2005
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to be Anti - to be in any way negative towards something.
Ed: hey, do you want to come to church with me on sunday? or are you anti.

Dave: sorry man, no-can-do, football.
by J Kelso October 23, 2007
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Is a word/term most commonly used in the Kpop music industry. Are people who are against an certain singer or group.

Antis (usually irrational FanGirls) are always idoits who find the faults and/or negative view on the person they are against(anti). No matter what the person/group does Antis WILL always find some negative flaw in it and put it on blast in attempt to make the whole world think that, that person/group is horrible and deserves to die.

When asking an Anti why they are an Anti. The Anti will ramble on without giving an valid logical reason.

The most common insults from Antis are..
"{insert group name} has no talent!!!"
"{insert group name} had plastic surgery!!"

Anti's speficy what "breed" they are by putting the group's name that they hate after the word Anti. In the end Antis have no common sense. And fail at life.
Anti Kara
Anti WonderGirls

Conversation between an Anti and a an Sone

Sone: OMG! SNSD just got back from an charity event for helping disable kids! And donated atleast 1 million dollars!

Anti: Oh you mean the plastic whores gave disable kids money to get some PSplastic surgery for themselves?!?
by iHateAntis October 17, 2011
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