Secure is the next stage up from safe .(see safe) It is safer than safe so it is secure.
'fuckin secure mate'
Better than safe its safe X10 its fucking fort knox level safeness
1.when something is pretty damn delicious e.g. Man that donut was secure.
by Secure TM March 23, 2014
When you achieve sexual intercourse with a pretty girl and want to tell your mates about the affair. A derivative of the phrase "secure the ting"
by finboeden February 12, 2020
A individual full of wisdom, kind acts, knowledge of international crises, determined to give back, and make a difference in the world. A philanthropist if you must.
Oprah Winfrey is one of the most secure individuals I know.
by Sadie93 February 19, 2018
to control a girl when they are whining on a man

e.g boy: will you be able to secure her boy: yeah I can handle her
if I dance on you can you secure me? yh I can secure you
by OMGLOOK@MYBUTT June 22, 2015
A much shorter and better mouth-feeling way of saying 'more secure'.
"This is securer than that."
by leftiger March 15, 2019