Well just because you searched that you're obviously bored what did you expect to find?
I'm bored so I'm going to search what to search
by Guy dude 123 April 22, 2017
When using an online search engine, you see something more interesting that causes you to follow trails unrelated to what you came to search for. Sometimes you forget what you meant to look up in the first place.
Pete: Did you find those instructions on how to make functional battle spears from old rake handles?

Me: Uh, no. Sorry. I went on a search tangent and forgot. But check out these pix of Britney.
by GT88 December 6, 2006
the removal of a person's clothing in the process of searching for weapons, drugs or contraband
Before the police do a strip search, they should take you to dinner and a movie.
by yorrick hunt January 22, 2008
A phrase meaning "I don't know," or "How should I know?" It can sometimes be used in an indignant manner.
Person #1: Where's my left shoe?
Person #2: Search me.


"So why are you still here?" Harry asked Ron.
"Search me," said Ron.
"Go home then," said Harry.

- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JKR, pg. 308 (US edition)
by Caelestis Amor July 17, 2008
the shitty list of things that you need to clear out of your pc
I found lots of interesting websites on my teenage son's search history.
The best memory finder/value editor around.

Great GUI, better functionality than ArtMoney, and integrates smoothly with TKM.

A great way to cheat in games that don't have cheats.
I found the address of my 'health', then I froze it, so now I'm stuck at 100 health.
by Mazrim July 5, 2005
A song on your Ipod that you listen to while you scroll through your playlist for a better song. Also, a good fallback in case someone listening to your Ipod with you insults your choice of song.
Girl 1: Hey can I share your Ipod
Girl 2: Of course!
Girl 1: The Best of Both Worlds? Are you kidding me?
Girl 2: Relax, it's just a search song
by indieartfreak August 2, 2009